I'm Kia Imani, recent graduate of Hampton University where I studied strategic communications and marketing. College was a great time! Like, a really good time but more on that later.

I naturally enjoy meeting new people, sharing experiences, and building relationships. It is my primary goal to build a thriving and successful career doing what I love and what I'm great at. Wait, I can get paid for this? Yes, sign me up please and thank you! 

After graduation I moved back to my hometown, Brooklyn, New York as one of Adulthood's most recent inductees. Since graduation I've been searching for the perfect balance of being an adult and turnin' up. Still working on it but I'm here to document some of my experiences. 

This is not a fashion blog. This is not a lifestyle blog. This is not a advice column. Although you'll probably get a little bit of everything here, this is a "Kia's trying to figure it all out step by step" platform and this is how I'm sharing my journey. 

Essentially, this is me embarking on a new chapter in my life and taking risks like adults do!